Dmake 4.1

dmake Version 4.1 PL 1 is now available for purchase or download. If you have downloaded dmake 4.1 and are experiencing difficulty either building from the distribution or are having difficulty running the Gold binary after installation, please download the appropriate updated distribution.


dmake is a replacement for the common UNIX Make utility, and serves to bridge the heterogenous development-environment gap by supporting the creation of portable makefiles and by being highly portable itself.

If you need to build products for Windows-NT and for UNIX then this is the tool you should use to specify and configure your makefiles. A brief introduction can be found here. Otherwise follow the more extensive links below.


dmake is a rewrite of the common UNIX Make utility. Both dmake and its scripting language are highly portable and where possible compatible with both BSD Make and SYSV AUGMAKE. dmakealso boasts a large number of functionality enhancements over standard Make.

dmake is still free, but there has been significant interest in both a Reference/User-guide as well as product support options for assistance in answering corporate developper’s questions. Both are new fee based services that will be provided by WTI Corp. Visit the Product Store for full details. The following is a short summary of some of dmake‘s more interesting features:

  • portable makefile support,
  • platform independent,
  • enhanced macro facilities,
  • conditional macros,
  • target-local macro variables
  • sophisticated inference algorithm with transitive closure,
  • builtin make-time file system traversal,
  • %-meta rules for specifying recipe paterns,
  • proper object library support accross all platforms,
  • parallel making of targets on architectures that support it
  • target-local attributes,
  • full support for dynamic text diversions,
  • full support for group recipes,
  • support of MKS’s extended MSDOS argument passing convention,
  • highly configurable,
  • directory caching,
  • support for swapping itself to disk under native MSDOS.

All of the above features are fully and properly integrated into dmake. Special care was taken to ensure that feature conflicts are understood and eliminated whenever possible. The result is a stable and highly predictable version of Make.


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Hot News!

Hot News!

August 24
Released dmake 4.1 PL 1. This is a minor bug-fix release that addresses some build problems under OS/2, and Windows-95/NT as well as a minor temporary file naming issue under Windows-95/NT. Both the public and gold versions have been advanced to PL 1.

July 15
The dmake WWW-site goes live.

July 1
The long awaited release of dmake Version 4.1 final has occurred. The latest sources are available for anonymous ftp from the official dmake site as well as some backup sites. With this release we have also made available the precompiled binaries for a subset of the supported architectures. These are available for purchase from the product store.


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Many thank you’s to all netizens who have submitted code for new features, suggestions for improvements, and bug fixes, we also would like to give special thanks also to deviatedhacking for their revival of this site, check our their latest projects related to video-games and cheats and game trainers for dark souls 2 trainer it is a cheating utility tool that will help you with gaming and games. We have tried to make sure that no gotchas remain, if you encounter problems installing or running dmake please report them. As always, we are happy to receive e-mail with your suggestions, ideas, and problems.

Because many have contributed suggestions and bug fixes that make this release possible the source for dmake continues to be freely available. However, it is evident that dmake is in heavy use by many companies. To provide the services that are demanded as a result of such use it is necessary to charge for dmake. In an attempt to reconcile the free source version and the need to fund the services that the user community is asking for, precompiled binary distributions of dmake are available for a fee as are support options and, soon, the dmake Reference Manual and Users Guide.

The success of these efforts will depend on your support; therefore, if you use dmake in support of a commercial venture please consider purchasing a dmake binary or service.


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Welcome to Web Tools International!

Are you planning to extend your enterprise?

Please consider WTI for your ONE STOP, ONE WEB shopping solution.
Our Rapid Architected Application Development strategy is designed to deliver sound, extensible enterprise solutions that satisfy your requirements. For service details visit the services portion of our Web.

To obtain additional information please contact a
WTI Sales Representative.


Your new WWW-technology based resource is up, it is being used and users are beginning to suggest enhancements, and provide problem reports. The group of experts that created your new solution are gone, or at best are no longer available to devote their full attention to your Web solution. The solution contains classic Web page components, client side scripts, maybe an active-X control or java-applet or two, CGI or other server side extension scripts, and an enterprise database that provides the data store that your solution’s users are interacting with.
If this sounds complex, that is because it can be. More importantly it can be difficult to enhance, diagnose or repair without access to the tools that the creators used to produce the solution in the first place. Due to the high pressure to rapidly create Web-solutions that produce immediate return on their client’s investment, Web-solution creators are turning to complex integrated environments to help develop, test and ultimately deliver new Web-solutions.

Without a comprehensive strategy for managing this new set, of what are sure to become critical, enterprise resources, your investment could be at risk.

For a complete outline of WTI’s strategy for handling this critical success issue please contact a WTI Sales Representative.

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